Ideal for cakes for guys who are passionate about football, canchitas, the swollen and football clubs.

How to cover the birthday cake?

Cover the edges of the cake with dulce de leche.Spread on the counter a piece of wax paper or aluminum foil and pour over it green sprinkles, lift the sides of the paper to focus the scarlet in the middle. Roll the cake for those scarlet and see how they stick evenly around the side of our cake.
Spread top with dulce de leche, lift the paper with the scarlet and vuélquelo on the cake to cover completely.

Tips several

  •   Realistic grass: Cover the cake with fondant tinted green and very clean with a brush of stiff give a tap, will be marked with the imprint of the bristles and appear freshly cut grass.
  •   If sprinkles are not your taste, can be replaced with green tinted coconut.
  •   Give a different texture, coat the cake with butter cream and green tinged with the back of a spoon tapped to give up the cream and fits with another texture.
  •   For more delicate cakes, cover with colored fondant butter and brush on top of green dye diluted in water well
  •   Prepare green glaze, which is not very consistent, lay it over the top of a cake with fondant covered previously and give a tap with a brush for texturing the glaze.